Antenna House Regression Testing System


Automated system that compares PDFs visually to catch 100% of the differences

The Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) is an automated system that visually compares PDF files on a pixel level, eliminating false positives, while finding even the smallest of differences between two files. Use it to compare virtually any paged PDF output from any software!

– Easy to use GUI interface
– Compares visual output—not dependent of underlying code
– PDF to PDF file comparison
– PDF to PDF directory comparison
– Image to image comparison
– Unlimited page comparisons
– Able to exclude portions of a page from comparison
– Generates report highlighting differences
– Available for Windows, Linux and Mac

– Automates regression testing
– 90%+ reduction in human effort
– 90%+ reduction in regression testing time
– Able to catch 100% of the differences in page formatting
– Able to catch much more subtle differences that could otherwise go unnoticed
– Able to test more often with increased reliability in the regression testing process

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