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“Introducing PDF/UA” World Tour Starts 2 October in Canberra – PDF Association

“Introducing PDF/UA” World Tour Starts 2 October in Canberra

By Duff Johnson

5. September 2012

Member News

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Melbourne, Australia. NetCentric Technologies, the world's leading PDF accessibility vendor and maker of CommonLook suite of tools and services, will be joined by NV Access and Vision Australia in an unique educational event: "Introducing PDF/UA, the new ISO Standard for Accessible PDF Electronic Document Technology."

This event is the first stop on a world tour by NetCentric President and US Committee Chair for PDF/UA Duff Johnson to promote awareness of PDF/UA and to highlight the potential of the new standard for ensuring equal access to electronic content to all users.

The Introducing PDF/UA tour is beginning in Canberra in recognition of Australia's global leadership on access to electronic content. In addition to presentations on PDF and PDF/UA by Duff Johnson, the 2 October event will feature NV Access, the Brisbane-based non-profit and developers of the NVDA screen reader. NV Access is the first assistive technology developer worldwide to commit to supporting PDF/UA.

As vendors begin to support PDF/UA the new ISO Standard for Accessible PDF will assist Australian government departments in achieving their obligations under the Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy (NTS).

Hosted by NetCentric Technologies with sponsorship from the PDF Association and Adobe Systems, the event promises a full afternoon of information. Topics to be covered over the four hours will include:


  • Why we need PDF, What is PDF, and what is PDF/UA
  • The Screen Reader's Perspective on PDF/UA
  • An Update from the Field
  • PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0
  • CommonLook Solutions for Accessible PDF
  • A Panel Discussion

Held in the Level 4 Conference Room at Canberra's Australian National Library, Introducing PDF/UA begins promptly at 1300. There is no charge for attendance, but with space for just 100 a capacity audience is expected. Those interested in attending must sign up in advance. Members of the press are welcome to attend.

Why PDF/UA matters

The world's default electronic paper technology, PDF files are opened hundreds of millions of times daily across the globe. PDF is in constant, heavy use for communications between publishers and printers, between individuals and organisations and throughout all levels of government.

Many persons with disabilities - especially those with visual or mobility impairments - require assistive technology (AT) to use electronic content, including PDF files.

To be accessible PDF files must be "tagged". Historically, support for tagged PDF has been a relatively low priority for PDF software and assistive technology vendors.

PDF/UA will change that paradigm for the benefit of all users, not only those with disabilities.

About NetCentric Technologies

The PDF accessibility leader, NetCentric's CommonLook products and services are the most advanced commercially available tools for PDF document accessibility verification, correction and management. NetCentric's CommonLook-powered PDF remediation services are the most affordable, fastest and most comprehensive solution for high-volume PDF tagging in North America.

Active in document accessibility since the 1990s, NetCentric developed the first 3rd party tools for PDF accessibility management, releasing CommonLook PDF in 2003. NetCentric's President, Duff Johnson, started the first PDF accessibility service bureau in 2000 and has served as chairman of the US Committee for PDF/UA, the International Standard for accessible PDF technology, since 2005. NetCentric takes an active role in the development and promotion of ISO Standards for PDF technology via its involvement in AIIM's Standards Program and the PDF Association, the professional organization for PDF software developers. Headquartered outside Ottawa, NetCentric Technologies maintains offices in Washington, DC. http://www.CommonLook.com


For more information in Australia, contact:

Samah ElRayes
04 2744 4747



Duff Johnson

A veteran of the electronic document space, Duff Johnson is an independent consultant, Executive Director of the PDF Association and ISO Project co-Leader (and US TAG chair) for ISO 32000 and ISO 1428 …

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