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intarsys, located in Karlsruhe, specializes in PDF-based output management. The company was founded in 1996 and has 24 employees. intarsys delivers products and solutions dealing with electronic documents and forms.

The EForm(tm) Suite contains software components for the audit-proof administration of resources for electronic documents, a web correspondence system based on text modules, as well as an output management system that accepts data from any kind of application in various formats and coverts it to any target format, primarily PDF.

intarsys has developed tools and software for CABAReT Stage, enhancing the PDF platform. In addition to PDF document workflows and qualified electronic and biometric signatures, intarsys offers PDF/A Live! one of the first PDF/A validation and correction applications for online-service and server-use based on the CABAReT Stage platform.

intarsys and PDF/A
intarsys has been working with the creation of PDF forms and their integration in business processes for many years. So it was a logical consequence for them to intensively address the new PDF/A format and its uses.

As contractor, intarsys developed their own portable and scalable tool for validating and correcting PDF documents (“PDF/A Live”), based on the CABAReT PDF platform. Many archive and DMS manufacturers have signalled their interest in an integration – and the first solutions already exist. For customers this means that they can establish continuous document solutions from the creation through to the long-term archiving.

intarsys brings their PDF experience and PDF/A know-how to the PDF/A Competence Center and is actively engaged in promoting and propagating the standard format.



Joined October 2006

Headquarter in Germany



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